San Diego Burned With A Vengance

Sunday. October 26th, 2003. San Diego started to burn with a vengance. Over 2,800 buildings were destroyed and 15 people lost their lives. State emergency was declared shortly after and the National Guard was activated to assist in the disaster relief.

The fire moved quick and so many families were affected by the disaster.

The truth is, fire kills and destorys. All of your precious photos, cameras, passports, money and life long possesions can be destoryed in seconds unless you take action to protect yourself against such an event.

Fire is a major problem in our County. In California, the average response time for fire emergency is under 10 minutes. This is great news if you're using a well built Cannon safe, all Cannon safes have a minimum ETL fire rating of 30 minutes. That means that they can withstand temperatures of 1200°F for 30 full minutes before the fire finally breaks through. That's some incredible amounts of heat! With our excellent response times to emergency, your valuables and precious belongings stored in your safe will make it through disaster if it was to occur... giving you and your family the peace of mind and protection you deserve.

Cannon Fire Protection (Intertek ETL Verified)

San Diego Gun Safes - Cedar Fire 2003Fire protection matters. When buying a safe it is important to understand how well it will perform in a disaster. All of our Cannon safes are intensely inspected and verified by the world's leading fire testing authority, Intertek-ETL.

Fire causes countless billions in damage. Fire spreads at an incredible rate which is why every second matters when it comes to fire protection. Our safes can withstand temperatures of 1200°F for as long as 90 minutes. That's some serious protection!

Genuine Cannon Lifetime Warranty

When you own a Cannon safe you become part of the family. Family takes care of family. Part of your Cannon safe purchase includes a 100% hassle free, NO COST repair or replacement policy after a Burglary, Fire, or Natural Flood emergency.

You cannot get a better deal than that!

The Best In Quality, Features & Protection

With a Cannon safe you're guaranteed to be satisfied. Here's just a few reasons why you're going to love your new Cannon safe...

45 Years of Experience - Manufacturing experience for over 45 years means we know what we're doing.
Lifetime Replacement Warranty - Cannon's lifetime replacement policy for burgulary, fire or flood means that you're protected and safe no matter what disasters occur in the future.
Security Protection - All safes are equipped with commercial grade type 1 electronic locks and 3 layers of 60 Rockwell C scale steel hard-plate to protect the lock.
Maximum Gun Capacity - With the Cannon patented custom gun rack system, you have multiple gun capacity options to suit all needs.

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